WordPress Alternative

We've prepared and put down in one box everything you need to create a coming soon page. Try CMNGSN now.

  • Setup

    You don't need to think about hosting or plugins with CMNGSN — spend just 5 minutes to create a coming soon website with leads form, traffic statistics and basic SEO tools. Sure, you can do all of this with WordPress, but it will cost you much more time and money.

  • Scale

    After launching your coming soon page you can add integrations to boost your marketing with Mailchimp or automate processes with Zapier.
    On the other side, we are not offering a platform to build multifunctional website like WordPress do, but you can save some time building your WP website having a coming soon page or under construction on CMNGSN.

  • Cost

    Realistically, WordPress pricing falls between $11 and $40 per month when you host it yourself or starts from $4 using hosted solution.
    Hosted solution looks cheaper, but you will extra pay for nice things like moving ads or adding SEO tools. Take a try for a 7 days of CMNGSN PRO that costs $3 per month and get leads, analytics, SEO tools and integrations for $3 per month.

CMNGSN vs. WordPress

CMNGSN is an excellent WordPress alternative when you don't want to waste time and money creating a simple one-page holding website.

  CMNGSN WordPress
Free responsive themes
Email collection form With plugins
Countdown timer With plugins
SEO control With plugins
No ads Self hosted or paid plan
Tracking the number of site visits With plugins
Tracking the number of leads With plugins
Collecting leads With plugins
Custom domain Pro plan Self hosted or paid plan
SSL/TLS security Excluding self hosted
Integration with Google Analytics Pro plan With plugins
Integration with Mailchimp Pro plan With plugins
Integration with Integration with Zapier Pro plan With plugins
Free trial
Price $3/month $4-40/month

Covering everything you need to start a coming soon website


Fill your data & launch

Our main idea is that you don't need to waste time starting a coming soon page. Don't get into details of page builder, just fill in your data and launch.

Unlimited traffic

Get so many visitors as you need and don't think about the extra costs. We cover your traffic for free.


You have options

Choose a name on our subdomain for free or park your custom domain with a PRO plan.
Don't be bothered about the security — we manage SSL/TLS certificates for every domain.


Without hustle

You get a form to collect emails on your coming soon page from the beginning. Don't waste a time developing your holding page — have some extra time instead to start marketing earlier.


Boost your website

Boost your website with tools you love or used to use when our built-in features are not enough for you.


From the beginning

Get statistics of your coming soon or under construction website visits and leads with weekly never-miss-a-thing email digests, out of the box.

Create your coming soon page today.

Build your coming soon page for free - No credit card required.