24th August

How to optimize an one page website for SEO

Is there anything you can do to optimize your one page website for SEO? Of course, there is. Let's dig into what you should have on your website and what is covered by CMNGSN for you.

Choose relevant domain

Factors such as memorability and vividness of a domain name, domain registration zone, semantic meaning of a domain name - all this determines the first impression of a visitor and can sometimes become a defining moment for a potential client. But that's not all there is to think about when choosing a domain. A well-chosen site name can also help in the search engine optimization of a site.

There is also an additional factor that is important to be aware of — finding the promoted keywords in the site's domain name. You can use a subdomain in CMNGSN.com domain zone (which is free) or buy a domain and park at CMNGSN one-page website.

Add meta tags to your website

Meta tags are elements of the hypertext markup language HTML that help search robots and visitors to better understand what will be discussed on a particular web page. The most important meta tags for search engine optimization are Title, Description and Keywords.

  • Title defines the title of the results in the search engine. It also appears in the title of browser tabs and is the default name that is suggested when you save a link to a page in bookmarks.
  • Description is a short description of the content of a web page that appears in search results under the title.
  • Relevant keywords are indicated in the Keywords meta tag. This meta tag has lost its relevance and is not one of the main ranking factors, but it is still good for low-frequency queries that are difficult to integrate into the text.

To set meta tags for a CMNGSN one page website visit sites page and click SEO button near the site. Then you will see the form with meta tags to fill in:

Add meta tags to one page website

Have a robots and sitemap files

File called robots.txt is a plain text document that gives search engines recommendations about which pages and files are worth crawling. Perfect robots file always should be opened for indexing and have a link to the sitemap. The sitemap tells robots about all site URLs that are required for indexing.

Every single website on the CMNGSN subdomains or custom domains has its own robots and sitemap file which allows indexing and contains actual canonical URL (please follow the next section to see what canonical is). You can check how robots and sitemap files look for the test CMNGSN website:


Here is a funny thing: Google has a special humans.txt file so that you do not allow thoughts of discrimination against workers from leather and meat.

Don't forget about canonicals

Canonical URL is a specialized HTML tag that allows you to tell the search engine which link is preferred for indexing. To prevent duplication of site pages in search results, you need to set up canonical URLs, after which the search engine can determine which page to index.

At CMNGSN we care about canonical URLs of your website automatically. When you change address of your website to our subbomain or add your custom domain, we change the canonical URL on your website too. Besides changing canonical tag, we change URLs at robots and sitemap too, so search engine can index your one-page on the new address.

Test page speed

In the modern world people refuse to go to slow sites — people don't measure the load time, but they can estimate the speed of a website by how they feel. As a result, low site speed directly affects to the number of bounces and conversion rates. Good tool to measure is Google PageSpeed that gives a scale in percents. The optimal loading speed is considered to be an indicator of 50% according to Google PageSpeed Insights. Google considers other sites to be slow and lowers them in search.

For CMNGSN one page websites we are trying to get a speed to templates that is higher than 90% value of Google PageSpeed scale. This should give better results for search engine ranking and higher conversion rates to our clients.

Make fast one page website


Even for one-page websites, a well-configured SEO improves like relevant domain, meta tags, robots and sitemap files and page speed work efficiency and speeds up website indexing. At CMNGSN we provide all this tools from the beginning, so you can focus on marketing of your next project.

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