Let's Encrypt integration

How integration of Let's Encrypt and CMNGSN works

Add a certificate

Add Let's Encrypt certificate to your domain when you want to enable HTTPS (TLS/SSL) to establish secure connection on your parked domain.

Make your website secure

With TLS/SSL certificate the data traveling between browser and the website is encrypted. Your visitors will see a green padlock symbol in the browser and trust your website more.

How to setup integration of Let's Encrypt and CMNGSN

  • If you are using CMNGSN websites only with our subdomains, then you are already secured. Don't do anything else.
  • If you want to use parked domain, please contact support for a certificate to be added
  • Please wait until it's done, usually it takes less than an hour from your request to support
  • It works now, enjoy!

Use this integration to make your website secure

Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority, run for the public’s benefit, provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

Let's Encrypt and CMNGSN integrations

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