Mailchimp integration

How integration of Mailchimp and CMNGSN works

Add a form

Make one click to add subscription form to your website and make it ready to collect emails of your visitors.

Get a customer

Enable this integration to automatically add emails to your Mailchimp audience. Now turn your visitors to your customers!

How to setup integration of Mailchimp and CMNGSN

  • Log in into CMNGSN application
  • Make sure that you have a lead form on your website or just add it
  • Go to integrations page and add Mailchimp integration to the website
  • Enter your Mailchimp API key which you can find following this guide
  • Enter your Mailchimp Audience ID which you can find here
  • It works now, enjoy!

Use this integration to grow your audience

Mailchimp is a marketing platform for small businesses and if you want to build and grow the list of your potential clients, it is a great service to work with.

Mailchimp and CMNGSN integrations

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