Postmark integration

How integration of Postmark and CMNGSN works

Add a form

Make a click to add subscription form for your page and make it ready to collect emails of your visitors.

Automate emails

Enable the integration to automatically send emails to your audience. Send welcome or follow-up email to increase communication with your customers.

How to setup integration of Postmark and CMNGSN

  • Log in into CMNGSN application
  • Make sure that you have a lead form on your website or just add it
  • Go to integrations page and add Postmark integration to the website
  • Enter your Postmark API key which you can find following this guide
  • Compose a welcome letter along with the subject and sender
  • Visitors will now receive an email when they fill out a form

Use this integration to improve your communication

Postmark is an email delivery service and if you want to send emails with a great delivery rate and integrated analytics, it is a great platform to work with.

Postmark and CMNGSN integrations

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