15th November

How to add custom style to your landing page templates

Customizing a website template is essential for several reasons, as it allows you to tailor the website to meet your specific needs and preferences. Let's find out where CMNGSN can help you out.


Branding is an essential customization that enables you to incorporate your brand elements ensuring that your website aligns with your overall brand identity. For this, we god you covered by adding a logo to the page.

  • Add a logo. A logo on a website is essential for instant brand recognition and to establish a visual identity that distinguishes the site and reinforces its credibility. Creating a personal brand? You can start with the photo.
  • Add a site icon. A favicon on a website is crucial for brand consistency and enhances user experience by providing a recognizable and just looks cool in browser tabs and bookmarks.
  • Add a custom background. This is probably the best and the simplest way to present your brand. Upload your image or choose from thousand photos from the image library.

Use HTML tags and custom CSS styles

You can use HTML tags with elements on your page like span, strong, a and others.

Use custom meta in a combincation with the style tag to add CSS code to the template.


In summary, customization is crucial for making a website uniquely yours, aligning it with your brand, optimizing functionality, and providing an optimal user experience. CMNGSN can help you out by providing features for branding, ability to use HTML tags and custom CSS code.

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