How to write a great coming soon message
19th April

How to write a great coming soon message

Yeah, we also can be tired with content efforts. To save your time and keep your mind clear we made these examples of coming soon and under construction messages.

As a default text on our sites with use neutral text:

Website is coming soon. We are working on the full version of our new site and will be back shortly.

If you want to add more measure you can use next phrase:

Stay tuned. We are launching soon. We are working hard. We are almost ready to launch. Something awesome is coming soon. Be first to know.

Build a coming soon page with this text

Just a few minutes and you are ready to launch.

Create coming soon page

You have your reasons to work on a better version of a site and it's good to explain this to your clients. Let's try to answer some questions that your visitor may want to ask visiting you coming soon site:

  • Are you in business? Help people to understand the reason why this site is closed.
  • When I can use this site again? It's also good to add down counter or opening date to make this message clear.
  • How can I left my email? Add subscription form to your site to collect emails and notify everyone when your site is going to be ready.
  • How can I get more information about your company? Add link to social network profiles or any other contact details.

So let's start you coming soon site with a great and meaningful message!

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