Why do you need to start with coming soon page
19th April

Why do you need to start with coming soon page

Many website owners wonder whether a coming soon page will annoy or turn away their visitors, but the practice it’s exactly the opposite, and coming soon site is a great chance to start growing your business.

Establish brand awareness

Expressing your company in one page site is a useful exercise, especially for a new brand. Coming soon page can be the first marketing step to establishing interest in your website.

Get indexed by search engines

It takes some time for Google and Bing to index new websites, so having a holding page makes sure your page is already in the search engines before big release day. Also coming soon pages can be SEO optimized so you can even start growing your organic traffic before launching your product.

Grow your audience

Coming soon page can also help you capture an audience. In most cases, this means building an email list of potential customers ready to email when your website goes live. You can have better chances of getting visitors to join your email list by offering them exclusive offers:

  • Discounts or free trials
  • Gifts and bonuses
  • Behind the scene access

Promote social media profiles

Add links to your social media profiles and begin gathering followers that can be turned into customers on the launch day.

A coming soon page just needs to be put online early on. A short intro and mailing list sign up form is all you need. Don’t miss out on this great chance to start growing your audience!

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